Demo Explorer A friend and myself made a program to help people detect cheaters in Counter-Strike as well as provide them with information about their demos, which they can use to develop new techniques or to see where they can improve. Website here.
KZ Updater I am part of a gaming community and I made a utility to keep players up to date with the levels that are released. It simply does a regex on the news page where maps are released and prompts the player with the maps that he/she doesn't have. If the player downloads it, it will then unrar the map, and put it into the proper directory. More information and download here.
I made a small utility that simply allows you to copy/paste between multiple computers. A very simple, but I think handy, utility that sits in your system tray. It has no security built in, it just opens a port and listens on that. Anyone that can access that TCP port can see the contents and modify them, so you should be aware of that. Download it here.

My Chess AI, using Java2D I've always wanted to make a decent chess game. This isn't quite it, but it's my best attempt at the AI. It can see 4 moves deep(in a reasonable amount of time), using a min-max tree with alpha-beta pruning. Some improvements could certainly be made, like end game and opening books. Right now, since it can only see 4 moves deep, you can effectively stalemate it, by simply getting it to loop around. The core search is the part I would most like to improve. It searches about 3000 moves per second on my linux computer and 6000 on my windows box. Click here to run it, using java web start. If you don't have java webstart, go here. The link is at the top of that page (as of the time I wrote this..). And yes, I drew the pieces, that's why they're so crappy.
Example of C++/OpenGL For my senior project, my group choose to do a 3rd person action-adventure game. You play as a Ninja trying to kill samurai and praying to statues. We called it Unbounded Warrior and the demo is available here(100 mb) and here's the documentation. I also put up a youtube page with some commentary here
Example of Java (Swing, TCP/IP, Graphics 2d) This program was written specifically for my mud. It connects to a different port than what you telnet into and uses a markup language to communicate with the client, which will parse the input and determine what it is, and deal with it. In the screen shot, you see the score panel, when the user clicks on the score button, the client sends the command zclientscore, the server then responds with <STAT STR 24>.
Example of C++/MFC/GDI+/AI I wrote a chess game, originally for my Win32 class, then later added an AI to it. Features ability to undo moves, save games, save replays of games, multiplayer support, AI parameters and a chat dialog. A demo, source code, user manual and power point slides I made for this project are all available.
Example of ASM This program was made in MASM for the IA-32. It's a simple program that just applies some logical operations on the input provided by the user. Demo.
Example of C/DesignExample of C/Design These two pictures are of a lego robot that I made. It was programmed in a C like language, then compiled and transferred to the robot. The goal of the project was to have the robot go around a track, following a line, pick up a piece and put it into the center square and then return and continue. Here's a video(18 mb) of my robot doing that.
Example of C++/MFC/GDI+ This is a program written in C++ using MFC and GDI+. It takes some 2d objects saved in a file, then will allow the user to apply some transformations to it. It supports multiple object. Demo.
Example of C++/MFC/OpenGL This program was written in C++ using OpenGL and MFC together. It takes a 3d object and will display it, using different materials, lights and other options. Demo.
Example of C++/DirectX I wrote this little game awhile ago. It's a Dr. Mario clone using DirectX 8.0. Unfortunately I lost the source code to this game a long time ago, but I had a demo saved.
Example of Java (Swing) This was the first java Program I made. It is a level editor for one of my games. Can save and load the data file needed to edit an entire world.
Example of Java (Swing) In my architecture class, we had a final project that was to create a virtual machine. This program will understand a 'machine code' that is generated from an assembly language that I made. It's based on MIPS architecture. I wrote the compiler for the assembly language in prolog, and here's a small example of one of the programs.
Example of C++/Win32/GDIExample of C++/Win32/GDI Both Wang and Truchet Programs are written using Win32 and GDI libraries. They use the Wang and Truchet patterns to determine what to draw.
Example of SchemeExample of Scheme Both these programs were written in scheme using recursive algorithms to generate these images.

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